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WIELORYB’s third album on HANDS will hit the streets on 16th June – pre-sale will start 6th June. Get ready for „Root“ which offers you an industrial hardcore flavour combined with rhythm’n’noise and same energy as their live shows. 
Try to catch their album presentation next next friday at DRONE in Berlin! 

Polish veteran (and seasoned live act) Wieloryb delivers his third album for HANDS in a short time, and just what is the kind of metamorphosis to discover this time? „Root“ appears to be he most experimental and eclectic Wieloryb album so far – or should it be: The most mature and widely appealing? While this is of course still deadly efficient rhythm’n’noise, a lot of changes of pace make for a whole new structure, and subtle spaces between make the rhythmic impact appear even more crisp. 
1. The Number of Fourth No Escape 
2. Orion 
3. Dead Robot 4. Machine 
5. The Number of Second 
6. I Never Sleep 
7. The Number Three 
8. War 
9. Fly 
10. Alphabet 
11. Synthesis of Worlds 
12. Dead on TV 
13. Root 
14. The Number Three (Leed Ambient Version) 
15. Spring (Noisetrance 44 Second Remix Version)




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